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Online Coaching

Comprehensive, personal programming and 1:1 guidance from your very own GeekFit coach.

Have your goals in mind, but not sure how to reach them? Want your workouts to be organised for you without having to think about it?

Whether you train at home, at a gym or in a park, let us take the guesswork out of exercise and plan your weeks for you.

If you want real, sustainable results, GeekFit can write the blueprint for your success. All you have to do is follow it.

Safety First

Before writing your program, your coach will go through a comprehensive questionnaire with you to ensure that they understand every aspect of your lifestyle and fitness levels. Give as much information as possible and be honest, and you'll be setting yourself up for success. If there is any circumstance that requires professional collaboration, your trainer will give you a medical referral for a specialist to ensure that your health and safety is at the forefront of your programming.

Targeted programming for your specific goals

Once your coach is satisfied that they understand your current lifestyle and fitness levels, along with your overall goals, your program will go into development. Your coach will create your program according to your specific goals, whether that be fat-loss, overall muscle gain, a solid 6 pack, or passing the fitness test for a future career. Whatever you want to achieve, Geekfit can give you the blueprints for success.

Long-term, sustainable results.

What's the point of a 6 week shred if the methods to attain the 6 pack aren't realistic or enjoyable in the long term? No-one wants to eat dry chicken and broccoli forever. Your Geekfit coach wants to see you succeed for life, not just for a few convenient weeks, so your program is designed to reach your goal in the most sustainable way possible - which means we work around your daily life, and work our hardest to find enjoyable solutions that make it easy to keep up the habit in the long term.

Nutritional Guidance

GeekFit will never write meal plans because they are unsustainable in the long term if you aren't learning WHY you are eating specific foods. It's important to us that we teach you about nutrition, rather than dictate, so that you can sustain your eating habits long after you finish training with GeekFit. During your program, we will help you with as much nutritional guidance as possible, to help you learn how to read and understand food labels, track your food, eat appropriate servings and adjust your calories for maximum output towards your goal.

Easy tracking

All clients have access to the tracking apps 'Keystone' and 'Chronometer', which will allow you to track exercise intensity, strength, stress levels and food intake, amongst other metrics. Every month, your program will be loaded into the app, so that each day you can log in to see your daily workout laid out for you, step-by-step. By tracking your weights and intensity, you trainer is able to see exactly how your body is responding to stimulus, to adjust your program accordingly.

Regular check-ins

Once per month you will have a major check-in with your coach where you discuss everything about your month, from pain and stress levels to food and workouts. Your trainer is committed to making fitness fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, while improving your quality of life, so these check-ins are the key to finding the perfect life-long health solution for you as an individual.

What does it cost?

For $60 per week, you get everything you need to succeed:

-Your monthly training completely planned for you.

-Form checking and technique correction to ensure you are getting the most out of your exercises.

-Programming designed to reach your individual, specific goals and needs.

-Nutritional guidance and education.

-Access to Keystone for tracking every single workout in real time.

-Access to Chronometer to track food intake.

-Monthly check-ins with your coach to ensure you stay on track to success.

-Access to a qualified trainer for quality exercise advice or guidance as you need it.

-The ability to choose how you train - whether you want to train at home, in a park, at the gym or a combination, your program needs to fit your life to make it sustainable.

All you have to do is show up, and follow the plan. It's that simple.

Inside the Subway Station

Ready to succeed?

If you're ready to commit to your health, and want to work with a qualified professional to develop a long-term solution that fits in with your lifestyle, fill out the form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible!

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