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Membership Pricing

With the GeekFit personal trainer service, you'll never feel uncertain in the gym again!

All members have access to personal trainer help, guidance and assistance during staffed hours at no additional cost - it's all part of your membership!

All prices include GST, and new memberships are subject to a $29.95 sign-up fee. 

No time to sign up during staffed hours? Not a fan of face-to-face interactions?

Sign up online today!

All you have to do is pick up your 24/7 key after signup.
If you can't make it in during staffed hours, just ask about our after-hours key pickup service!

All membership prices are for a minimum 12 month contract. Month-to-month memberships are available in-store and incur an additional $2 per week on the standard rate at the time of signing.

What is the Geekfit Personal Trainer Service?

About the service:

At GeekFit, we are committed to changing the fitness industry, by putting clients and health first, not profits. Our Personal Trainer Service is the first step in showing clients how they should expect more from gyms and fitness facilities. All GeekFit 24/7 staff are fully qualified trainers, paid by Geekfit. Our trainers are not paying rent and running their own business, as is the norm for commercial gyms. This means that amongst their other duties, they are paid to help you get the most out of your gym experience. During staffed hours, you have access to our trainers for help, guidance, advice, and assistance at no additional cost, and you never have to worry about being pulled into a sales pitch.

How does it work?

  • All you have to do is find a PT and ask away! You can ask in person, or email questions to us, for us to respond when we have time.

  • The PTs still have other duties and responsibilities to attend to, such as assisting new members in sign-up, cleaning, and general administration duties, and the PT is responsible for prioritising these tasks while helping you. The PT will be able to tell you roughly how much time they can give you, considering their other tasks. Depending on the day, this could be 5-10 minutes or it could be 90 minutes, but we ask that you respect any timeframe that they offer you.

  • Very occasionally, a PT may not have immediate time to help you, and while we would eventually like to have enough staff to avoid this, for the time being, we are still small and building up the business, so we hope you can understand and be considerate if this happens. The PT will often be able to let you know how long their task will take, and when they can help.

  • Help, assistance, advice and guidance does not constitute full-length personalised sessions. If you decide that you need or want more structured guidance in the form of long-term programs or 1:1 PT sessions, we have these available for purchase through reception.

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