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Welcome to GeekFit

An exclusive, private gym experience with unlimited personal training for all members

Experience the GeekFit difference today

The GeekFit Difference

A fitness facility designed, owned and operated by fitness experts.

When two fitness professionals realised that the market was over-saturated with corporate gyms putting money before clients, GeekFit was born. We're here to change the industry and put your health and happiness first - as it should be.

  • All members have access to unlimited personal training during staffed hours. Seriously!

  • Capped member numbers for less overcrowding and less waiting around to use the equipment you want.

  • Brand new, premium equipment, with none of the wear-and-tear of big gyms, due to our capped member numbers.

  • High-quality trainers chosen for their experience, education and attitude towards health. You'll never have to worry about a sales pitch or a "bad trainer" at GeekFit.

  • Member-adjustable fans, air conditioning, natural airflow and music, for a truly customisable experience.

Health is for everyone.

At GeekFit, we believe in the value of exercise professionals, and we believe that everyone should have access to quality, reliable health information. This is why during all staffed hours, our trainers are available to help with all the advice and guidance you need - at no extra cost to you.

And the icing on top? All GeekFit trainers are paid a proper salary, so you never have to worry about being pulled into a sales pitch, or supporting unfair work practices as with other commercial gyms. They're here to guide and educate you, not to sell you products.

Our Facilities

GeekFit 24/7 hosts a range of brand new, high quality gym equipment from reputable brands such as Hammer Strength and Life Fitness.

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