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How Do YOU Like to Train?

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Unlike other gyms, we don't abandon you at the door to figure it out yourself. Your membership includes education and guidance sessions every month so you can be certain that you're getting it right.

On top of your monthly sessions, our coaches are available during staffed hours to help answer your questions, form-check and offer insight as you need.

At Geekfit, it is our promise that we will never use these sessions to sell you more sessions or products.

We're here to help.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Get Started With Confidence

When you start out, our coaches will take the time to get to know you so they can help you get the most out of your training – whether that’s helping you refine your existing training routine or teaching you the basics of exercise from the beginning.

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App Guided Training

If you would like a structured routine, your coach will assign you a training plan within our coaching app. From here, you can access your training plan, view exercise instruction videos, track your workouts, measurements and progress over time.

Fitness Tracker App

Guidance and Support

Every month, you’ll get a progression session with your membership that you can use to book in with your coach. In this session, you can discuss your training so far, your progress and your goals and your coach will use this information help you to plan out your next training phase.

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Perfect Form, Every Time

At Geekfit, you’ll never have to wonder how to use equipment or worry that you’re doing something wrong. Our coaches are here to help you reach your maximum potential, so don’t hesitate to ask any exercise questions that you need answered.

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As a Geekfit member, you'll have over 4 different class types to choose from each week, all with small group numbers so you get maximum support.

Some of the fitness classes you'll be able to choose from are listed below:


Functional training sessions with a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training.

Sessions may include: HIIT. Tabata, AMRAP etc

Fitness level: All fitness levels

Maximum participants: 6-10


Traditional lifting sessions, varying between endurance, hypertrophy and strength style resistance training.

Sessions may include: Push, pull, back day, leg day etc

Fitness level: All fitness levels

Maximum participants: 4-6


Training sessions to test your limits, including a combination of traditional lifting and functional training.

Sessions may include: EMOM, AMRAP, challenges etc.

Fitness level: Intermediate to advanced

Maximum participants: 6-8


Sometimes we throw in spontaneous sessions just for fun.

Like 'Legs Eleven' where you can train legs like your coach (at 11 o'clock).

Or off-site events, like gel blasting, indoor rock climbing or laser tag.

We're always trying to find way to make fitness fun for our members.


2/88 Sumners Rd, Sumner, QLD, 4074
(07) 3195 4279

Staffed hours:

Staffed hours for members:

Staffed for classes and appointments only, during the following hours - 

Mon -Thurs:   6am - 2pm

                         5pm - 7pm

Fri:   6am - 10am

Sat:   7:30am - 1pm


If you would like a facility tour, please contact and we can organise a suitable appointment time.

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