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The Facility

Located conveniently on Sumners Rd, Geekfit 24/7 is an intimate studio offering everything you need to take charge of your fitness.

Training Floor

The GeekFit training floor is truly unique in how, despite being a boutique studio gym, it has a quality and equipment range beyond what you would expect even from a large-scale gym. Every item is brand new, meticulously maintained and cared for in a way that truly reflects the family-owned nature of the business.

When you think "studio gym", it's easy to imagine a room with the bare essentials for bodyweight movement and yoga classes, yet GeekFit boasts all the equipment you could expect to see in a major bodybuilding gym.

What does this mean for you as a client? It means that finally you have access to a space that offers all the care and assistance of a boutique bodyweight studio, but caters to people who enjoy the power and pride that comes from lifting heavy, and getting stronger every day.

Chalking Up

The Equipment

GeekFit wasn't created by business people, it was created by gym people, so there are no cheap shortcuts here, and no expense has been spared when selecting equipment.

The two brands you will see in GeekFit are Hammer Strength and Life Fitness - both industry leaders for quality, with Hammer Strength being the #1 brand for plate loaded fitness equipment in the world.

In the gym, you have access to the following equipment:

  • 4 station rig with olympic barbells, Swiss barbell, safety squat bar, trap bar, and varying height plyometric bars.

  • Large adjustable cable system with wide space for exercises such as a cable fly. Also includes various attachments and varied position pull-up handles.

  • Lat pulldown (dual pulley for isolateral work)

  • Seated cable row (Dual pulley for isolateral work)

  • Landmine hinge and T-Bar row handles

  • Hammer Strength leg press

  • Hammer Strength lying leg curl

  • Hammer Strength seated leg extension

  • Adjustable and flat benches

  • Hyperextension bench

  • Adjustable decline bench (for abs, bench press etc)

  • Power tower for chin ups, dips and supported leg raises

  • Dumbbells ranging from 1kg - 30kg

  • Functional equipment including TRX suspension trainers, kettlebells (8kg-32kg), Core Bags (5kg-25kg), Slam Balls (5kg-15kg), heavy-duty long battle ropes, resistance bands, half Bosu balance trainers and Riser steps.

  • Cardio equipment including Life Fitness treadmill, stationary bike, water rower, assault bike and ski erg.

The Future

While GeekFit is only small now, we plan to work hard every day to change the industry and grow to be a force to be reckoned with. For too long the industry has been about profits and not health. We're passionate about changing that, and when you support GeekFit, you're helping us to create a better future for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

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