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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers! 

GeekFit Facilities

FAQ - Geekfit Facilities

What is the difference between "Walk-In" and "By Request" staffed hours?

GeekFit walk-in hours mean that you can walk in at any time during these hours and there will be a trainer available to help you. Prospective members are also welcome to visit during these hours to have a look at the gym.

GeekFit request hours mean that members are able to utilise the GeekFit PT service, however they must book in to ensure a trainer is on site. These hours tend to be quiet, so rather than having trainers standing around, it allows us to work from home where possible, creating more content and offerings for our members. Prospective members may request to come see the gym during these hours, and can do so by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Can I access the gym outside of staffed hours?

Yes! Every GeekFit member over the age of 16 has an access tag that allows 24/7 access, even when the gym is unstaffed. Non-members are not allowed on-site if the gym is not staffed.

What time is the gym busy?

GeekFit gym is usually busiest between 9-11am and 4-6pm on weekdays, where there may be anywhere from 3 to 6 people in the gym at once. As a limited-membership facility, we strive to prevent overcrowding before it happens.

What time is the gym quiet?

Early mornings (<9am), lunchtime and late night (>7pm) are great times to come into the facility if you prefer a nice, quiet gym for your workout.

Personal Training

FAQ - Personal Training

Is personal training really included in GeekFit membership? No catches?

Yes, it really is! GeekFit trainers are available during staffed hours to help members with as much personal training help and guidance as they need. The only limit to the GeekFit PT Service is that it does not include 1:1 undivided supervision. If you require undivided supervision for medical purposes, please ask a trainer about our additional fee for paid, dedicated sessions.

But other trainers usually run 30-60 minute sessions, how do GeekFit sessions work?

The PT service is a "fluid" system, made possible by cutting out some of the unnecessary fluff involved with regular personal training. Education and independence is our priority, because we don't want you to rely on us forever - we want you to have the tools and knowledge to succeed, even if you have to leave GeekFit someday.

Our PTs don't stand around counting reps, and they don't sit by idly on their phones tracking weights for you. They will, however, give you all the time you need for education, form checking and programming. You get the time you need - No more, no less.

How is that possible? How do you manage all the members?

At GeekFit, all the work we do with you is done while you are right in front of us - we don't do homework or take work home. Showing up consistently is one of the keys to success in the gym, and this training system encourages that.

We also have a heavy focus on education, so the longer a member trains with us, the less help they need every session - new members will spend more time with us every session, while long-term and experienced members will spend more time with us during program updates every 4-6 weeks.

How much time will I get with a personal trainer as part of the PT service?

PT time is dependant on a number of factors, but our trainers will give you as much time as possible based on circumstances. If the gym is quiet and you are new, it is not unusual for trainers to spend an hour or more assessing and setting plans in place for you. If the gym is busy, we work with a triage system where we try to prioritise inexperienced members and form-correction on complex movements. Even on our busiest days, we always make time for everyone.

I have an online coach/online training program. How can I use the PT service?

Our trainers are here to help you get the most out of any training you choose to undertake, in the safest way possible. We're happy to correspond with your coach if they need someone to assess your mobility, technique and imbalances in person.

I have a coach already, can they train me in your gym?

No. We have extremely high standards for our trainers, and due to the nature of the fitness industry, there are many trainers that do not meet our standards. While we are sure that your trainer is one of the good ones, we are unable to quality-check other trainers, so we cannot risk that person potentially coaching you in the gym poorly, and it reflecting on our reputation for quality.

Can I get meal plans from a personal trainer?

No. We are aware that many trainers offer this service, but we cannot stress this enough - PTs are not legally allowed to provide specific meal plans, caloric requirements or macro/micro advice (unless they are also a qualified nutritionist or dietician). We take health, safety and legal regulations very seriously, and while we can help you with nutritional management within our scope of practice, we refuse to participate in the trend of PT meal plans. We will gladly refer you to trusted professionals if you would like quality help in this area. If you are in perfect health and within a healthy BMI, a qualified nutritionist can help you with a meal plan. If you are outside of a healthy BMI, or have any health issues, a qualified dietician can assist you.

Do I need to book in for the PT service?

If you are coming in during our "Walk-In" staffed hours, a trainer will be here to help you, and you will not need to book in. If you feel like you need lots of help or it is one of your first sessions, feel free to call ahead and ask us what times will be quiet, to ensure you can get maximum undivided attention.
If you would like to utilise the GeekFit PT service during our "By Request" hours, you will need to book your session using our online booking system found here. These bookings are included in your membership and do not incur any additional charges. These sessions are part of our GeekFit PT service, and operate the same way as they do during walk-in hours, so you may be sharing with other members during the time period. These are not 1:1 sessions, you are merely ensuring a trainer will be present during the allocated time.

If the PT service is shared, is there an option for private 1:1 sessions?

With the free PT service, one trainer has the capacity to help multiple members during any given timeframe if needed. If you would like scheduled and undivided attention, you can ask about our paid PT sessions, which give you the option to get an additional trainer presence exclusively for you. You may also choose to book trainers outside of regular hours using the paid PT service. We find that most people get more than enough from our PT service, and we highly recommend trying it out before opting for paid sessions.

FAQ - Training

Do you allow chalk use in GeekFit?

We allow respectful chalk use at GeekFit and have a chalk bucket on site for clients to use. We will not hesitate, however, to limit chalk use in individuals who use chalk inappropriately, making excessive mess. Do right by us, and we'll do right by you.

Do I need to put my weights back after use?

Yes, it is a condition of membership at GeekFit that weights are returned after use. Failure to do so on a regular basis will result in an additional cleaning fee for someone to clean up after you and/or membership termination. Do right by us and we'll do right by you.

Can I drop my weights?


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